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  • Discover new ideas for tissue converting efficiency

    Discover new ideas for tissue converting efficiency

    A complete range of tissue packaging machinery and engineering services.

  • Infinity Engineering

    Infinity Engineering

    Simply Infinity: provide us with your production requirements and we'll do the rest.

  • Listening to you is our priority

    Listening to you is our priority

    From Infinity: solutions for your company by tissue packaging specialists.

  • Our product range grows to suit your needs

    Our product range grows to suit your needs

    Only Infinity: the perfect integration of packaging machinery and engineering services.

  • We have the answers you're looking for

    We have the answers you're looking for

    With Infinity: maximize your production line efficiency.

  • We come to you from the packaging capitals of the world

    We come to you from the packaging capitals of the world

    At Infinity: a strong partner any time, wherever you are.

  • Our logo is symbolic of our future

    Our logo is symbolic of our future

    Wings for a company in motion and a future without limits


For as long as our value proposition satisfies our markets and our customers, our intention is to grow without limits and to do our best to realize our maximum potential. In virtually every facet of the Infinity organization, we strive to reach perfection and provide longevity and continuity for our customers, our employees, and our community.

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Infinity Machine and Engineering Corp. was founded by three partners with a diverse range of experience spanning a combined 50 plus years in automation, engineering and business development. The vast majority of those years have been spent in tissue converting. Thus, Infinity was created to provide the best automation and engineering services available in the world to the tissue converting industry.

From its inception, the Infinity founders set out to provide the Infinity team with the freedom and resources to take on any challenge, act on any customer request, and accept any responsibility necessary to meet our customers' expectations. That commitment to you comes from a sole purpose – to be the very best in the industry at what we do.


Infinity's first machine rendering


Infinity's 80,000 sq ft (7,432 sq meter) manufacturing and engineering facility was built in 2008, and is located in Green Bay, WI USA. Primarily built with Infinity's customers and employees in mind, the building is designed for engineering idea generation and collaboration, efficient production flow, and customer comfort during check-outs and project planning.

The office is designed with the intent of creating an efficient flow from sales to project management to engineering to assembly. It includes many areas for people to collaborate and brainstorm, and has numerous rooms for workshops and productive work sessions.

The shop is designed with the intent of creating an efficient flow from parts manufacturing / receipt, parts, painting, job staging, assembly, check-out, and machine shipment. Natural light throughout the shop creates a bright and open environment. Two overhead cranes ensure that our plant personnel can work effectively and safe.


Infinity's current Headquarters in Green Bay, WI USA.


Infinity's R&D for wrapping and bundling machines is in Bologna, Italy. We are proud to office the most talented and experienced packaging machinery engineers on the planet.


Our Mission

  • To focus on the success of our customers by providing them with innovative, value-driven, best-in-class, integrated engineering solutions.
  • To achieve the objectives set by our customers within the budget and time-frame promised.
  • To manage all aspects of the company in concert with our corporate values.

Our Philosophy

  • Focus on strategic partnerships with customers and suppliers.
  • Develop a broad range of best-in-class products and services.
  • Exercise the best engineering and business practices available with applied technology as a cornerstone.
  • Design and build machines per our customers’ specifications.


Our values and integrity are timeless. They are the cornerstone on which Infinity was founded. We manage our operations while focusing on three important principles: always give our best effort, work in concert with our values, and simply do what we say we will do. Whether we are working with our customers, vendors, or within the community, we continuously strive to maintain a high professional and ethical standard.

  • Infinity's complete line of machinery

    Infinity's complete line of machinery

    The perfect integration of performance and flexibility.


Fully automatic high-speed multi-pack poly wrapper for bath tissue and towel rolls


Most Complete Range of Pack Configurations

Roll Diameters: 90 – *180 mm (3.54" – 7.09")

Roll Lengths: 90 – 280 mm (3.54”-11.02”)

Pack Dimensions:
(L): *90 – 600mm (3.54” – 23.62")
(W) *90 – 620 mm (3.54" – 24.41")
(H) 90 – 380 mm (3.54" – 15.00")
(* denotes options)






5 Lanes


6 Deep








Pack Dimensions


Machine Features

  • Designed to increase production speeds and improve pack quality
  • Most user-friendly software for general operation, trouble-shooting, new formats recipes and change-overs
  • Mechanically and electrically the most robust machine on the market
  • All components are of the highest quality available
  • Standard “off the shelf” components wherever possible for ease of sourcing spare parts
  • 4 or 5 lanes of infeed 165mm (6.5”) diameter

  • Automatic guide-rail adjustment


Robust, sealed, right-angle gearboxes instead of exposed bevel gears for automatic change-overs

  • New design of rugged adjustment motors with built-in encoders

  • No plastic potentiometers to break or fail


Two servo motors on the overhead trolley section for automatic pack width adjustment


Timing belt driven overhead trolley instead of chain

Servo controlled automatic lateral finger adjustment for various pack depths

Automatic back-stop & hopper width adjustment for the complete range of pack formats

  • Continuous motion (360 degree rotation) of bottom folder

  • Less mechanical strain on motor

Single-Roll Wrapper

Advanced high-speed packaging for single-roll bath tissue and single-roll towel


SOLO 250 ST - Paper Wrap

  • High quality and very consistent wrap at high speed
  • 4-Fold & 4-Tuck gradual folding and tucking action
  • Short machine indexing
  • Continuous motion side folding (first tuck)
  • Applied heat (ironing) pressure at discharge to improve pack quality

Solo 250 SP - Poly Wrap

  • High quality and very consistent wrap at high speed
  • Continuous motion side folding with brushes
  • Continuous motion lower folder
  • Short machine indexing
  • Paper Wrap
  • Poly Wrap

Machine Overview

Servo controlled for smooth operation

  • Quick and easy changeovers for machine adjustments
  • Infinitely adjustable for roll product size differences (length and diameter)
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Touch-screen menu selection for different codes

Industry proven wrapping method and technology

  • OEM and commercial component standardization for low maintenance cost
  • Very easy machine accessibility in all areas

Roll Infeed

  • Single line roll infeed
  • Continuous roll flow for perfect/gentle roll handling
  • Carbon flight bar driven belts

Unwind Section

Poly / Paper reel up to 1.200mm diam

  • High production efficiency

Shaft reel unit

  • Simple unit with automatic lift system
  • Very efficient dancing roll with optical reading
  • (shaft-less unit as option)

Helical knife

  • Perfect cut that improves blade longevity
  • NO adjustment screw
  • Centralized lower blade adjustment
  • Easy fine tune blades adjustment

Anvil cartridge system

  • Fast and Easy lower blade replacement

Machine Body

Continuous motion elevator

  • 360 deg motion
  • High strength unit due to two heavy duty bearing rods
Continuous motions lower folder
  • 360 deg motion
Overhead unit, compact and short
  • Timing belt driven
  • Large fingers with an easy connection

Double lower sealing bar

  • Two sealing bars to ensure a perfect roll seal at high speed

Hardware and Software

  • Integrated electrical cabinet as standard (external optional)
  • Rockwell ControlLogix or Siemens motion control platform
  • User-friendly HMI design
  • Simplified machine operation
  • Operator manual, spare parts drawings, and electrical drawings all within the HMI

Infinity Casepacker

Simplicity in design ensures repeatable change-overs, ease of operation, and high production efficiency


Machine Overview

Flexible and modular machines

  • Very rugged construction
  • Small footprint
  • Possibility to run different tissue product: C fold, napkins , jumbo rolls, facial box,
  • packs, single rolls, etc.
  • Infusion 3.1 - ready

Servo controlled for smooth operation

  • Quick and easy changeovers ; only one part to change
  • Fully adjustable for product and case height, width, and length
  • Reduced maintenance
  • Touch-screen menu selection for different codes

Product Range

  • Bath Tissue (SR & packs)
  • Household Towel (SR & packs)
  • Hard-wound Roll Towel
  • Jumbo Bath Tissue
  • Center-pull Towel
  • Single-fold Towel
  • Multi-fold & Z-fold Towel
  • Napkins – all varieties
  • Wet wipe
  • Diaper

Case Size Range

L: 292 – 818mm (11.5”- 32”)

W: 210 – 571mm (8.25” - 22.5”)

D: 228 – 635mm (9.0” – 25.0”)

  • SL-4 Modular
  • C-10 Inline Infeed

Poly Bundler

A complete range of bundlers for every need


Multiformat machines; two different concepts available

  • Elevator machine’s version with pusher (i-18)
  • Continuous machine’s version (E25 and EXL)

Machine Layout

  • Compact and in-line Layout

Continuous motion servo diverter synchronized product infeed

  • One or Two lane infeed to multiple lane discharge

Reciprocating sealing/cut-off section

  • Continuous motion unwind for precise registration
  • Mechanical size folder for a PERFECT fold

Fully adjustable former

  • Adjustable former for easy and quick change-overs

Complete product range

  • W: mm 190 (7.5”) ÷ 840 (33”)
  • L: mm 190 (7.5”) ÷ 850 (33.5”)
  • H: mm 190 (7.5”) ÷ 460 (18.11”)

Poly reel dim.: mm 2330 (92”); diam. 400 (15”)


Small footprint reduced and compact layout (integrated or external electrical cabinet)

Poly Baggers

Infinity Poly Baggers provide efficiency and flexibility


Infusion 3.1 Combination System

A unique machine with limitless flexibility



Diverters for any product, any need


Machine Overview

Multiline diverter unit

  • Continuous motion, non-slugging lane balancing
  • Balance based on roll count (no timers)

No back pressure required

  • Reduced conveyor lengths

Tool-less changeover

Conveying Systems

A perfect link to all the machines in a converting line


Machine Overview

Conveying systems for tissue

  • Rolls, packs, cases, folded product, industrial towel, etc.
  • Product tipper , product turner, starwheel, walk-through gates , etc.
  • 3D line layouts for accurate, clear heights
  • Servo-adjusted guide system
  • Electrical cabinet and HMI for a lay-out control ( when needed )

TAB chain, mat-top chain, and belt conveyors

  • Custom designed integrated with cable tray

Tool-less changeover


Specialty Machinery

Infinity Machinery is the perfect integration of performance and flexibility


Converting CAD Line Layouts

  • Complete CAD Line Layouts for your converting operations that will meet your requirements well into the future.
  • Infinity can make things simple for you, our engineering and converting expertise can make a daunting project much more manageable.

Full Project Management

Our project management, engineering, and converting expertise can make a daunting project much more manageable. Starting with nothing more than the packaging specs and the production demand, we can take you from the planning process to the finished product, on-time and within budget.

Infinity LSS (Line Synchronization System)

  • Analysis of product flow, pack formats, & converting line layout
  • "Harmonization" software for entire line; from converting machine, to packaging, to palletizing
  • Increase production efficiency, improve machine performance, and decrease down-time
  • Infinity Service Center

    Infinity Service Center

    Because well done is better than well said.

Infinity Service Center Overview

  • In a world of around the clock production, high speed automation and tough-managed inventory levels, our customers need more than just high quality equipment. They need reliable customer service and quick turn arounds.
  • We provide both on-site and remote technical service support, backed by in-house engineering. Our objective is to not only resolve any issues on existing equipment in an efficient manner, but we also work to improve future machines.
  • Our service technicians come to you with a combined 65 years of experience. This allows Infinity Service to quickly troubleshoot any problem that may arise.
  • We provide a 24/7 on-call rotation to be available to serve our customers at a moments notice.

Spare Parts

  • We engineer, manufacture & select parts based on strict design & testing standards developed by both our engineers and assemblers.
  • Infinity makes it easy to order parts through
  • We stock 20,000 different parts to assist you with faster delivery times; reducing your downtime.
  • Infinity has designed spare parts packages of all sizes to assist you in keeping the necessary parts for your machines in stock. The spare parts packages identify the most commonly used parts, which enables you to efficiently maintain your machinery as needed
  • At Infinity, we want your investment to preserve its quality performance no matter when it was built. Downtime leads to lost revenue & that’s why we are dedicated to providing you with the parts and/or service you need to keep your equipment running at peak performance.

Machine Upgrades

  • Production demands are constantly changing. Infinity offers custom and standard machine upgrade options to not only extend the life of your existing equipment but also increase the performance capabilities.
  • Machine upgrades can also reduce current operation and/or maintenance costs.
  • Infinity personnel can visit your facility to review existing operations and assist in determining if upgrading your equipment makes sense.

Customer Training

  • Infinity offers training for Operators and Maintenance Technicians via classroom or on-site training.
  • We customize & compile all equipment manuals to use both during training & your day-to-day operation, if need be.

Preventative Maintenance

  • Protect your equipment from unnecessary downtime and costly repairs with a custom-designed preventative maintenance program.
  • When it is important for your equipment to run for long periods of time, investing in a pre-planned service program of scheduled maintenance can lower or prevent production downtime due to worn out parts.
  • Our Preventative Maintenance program is designed to preserve and restore equipment reliability by replacing worn components before they actually fail.

Machine Installation

  • Infinity’s Service Technicians are skilled both mechanically & electrically to install your equipment; taking care of all work necessary to ensure it is ready for production runs.
  • Our crew has over a combined 65 years of experience installing packaging equipment.
  • By testing your equipment at our facility, we are able to minimize the duration of the installation, which in turn puts your facility into production faster.

World Class Technical Support

  • Infinity's service technicians help design, build and start-up our machines so they know Infinity machines, inside and out.
  • Trained service technicians on call 24 hrs. 7 days a week for your convenience.
  • Combined 40 years of experience between Infinity service technicians.

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Our best ideas are drawn through hard work, a youthful mindset, and an experienced eye.

We search incessantly for people that have a strong work ethic, want to make a difference, like to take risks, and push themselves to find creative solutions to difficult problems. Having always been strong believers in the flexibility, creativity and energy of youth, our strategy is to combine experience with a youthful mindset. Consequently, Infinity has a balanced group of employees, carefully mixing energy and high ambition with experience and wisdom.

Infinity Machine and Engineering is a progressive, fast-paced company with an excellent customer base and great future growth potential. We offer an excellent benefit package, 401 (k) with company matching, and a positive, flexible working environment.

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